Do Probiotics Help Constipation?

 Improve Your Bowel Health With Probiotics.

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Start with Probiotics

Your bowel contains good bacteria and also has bad bacteria. You may start to have problems with your digestion when the bad bacteria start to outnumber the good bacteria. The good bacteria are known as probiotics and are beneficial to our health. There are many different types of the good bacteria.they They all help to digest our food and take out the nutrients needed for good health. Without probiotics your body will find it difficult to absorb what it needs to stay healthy. Sometimes various things will cause an imbalance in your bowel. This could be stress or illness and the use of medications especially antibiotics.To help your body get the balance right again you can take a high quality time-release probiotic supplement. You can also add various fermented foods to your diet, such as sauerkraut and kombucha. Other foods to improve your bowel health include fibre and plant based foods and also fermented foods eg sauerkraut, kefir, yoghurts.  Processed  foods are not good for your bowel health.

It is important to keep your body clean as well as your mind. Medical professionals are finding out that having a healthy bowel is a key factor in the overall health of our bodies. If you’ve been feeling low in energy even though you have been trying to get  healthy it might be a good idea to look at your bowel health.

The intestinal wall and the bacteria act as a barrier between the blood stream and the rest of the body. This barrier is designed to allow nutrients to be absorbed while blocking bad bacteria and toxins from entering your blood stream.

However, if your gut is low on good bacteria, the gut wall also begins to fail and cause reactions like allergies and other immune problems. Support your gut barrier by consuming more indigestible fibers, also known as prebiotics. You can consume prebiotics in supplement form or by eating foods like jicama, avocado, soybeans, potato skins and organic apple cider vinegar. 


Be Careful With Your Food Choices 

The modern diet tends to be full of processed food, chemicals and sugar, which all cause chaos in the gut. Not only that but the food you eat, whether good or bad, can change your gut for better or for worse within only a few hours. Take the time to choose your food carefully, and focus on whole foods, plant-based food and fermented food while shying away from sugar and chemicals. 

Try Fasting 

The benefits of fasting have recently been promoted widely in the media and among health professionals.Fasting means abstaining from all or some foods for a set period of time.Fasting doesn’t have to mean 24 hours drinking only water. In fact, intermittent fasting can be as simple as not eating after 8 PM at night and then not eating again until 8 AM the next morning. That’s 12 hours of not eating. This allows your gut to get back on track as the probiotics can rest and repopulate. Once you’ve mastered 12 hours, try increasing it to 14 by eating dinner early and not eating past 6 PM. 

Taking these simple steps will help strengthen your gut and reduce inflammatory responses throughout your body. Other benefits of fasting are promotion of blood sugar control,improves blood pressure and cholesterol levels,may boost brain function,helps in control of weight loss.


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