Brain Boosting Activities….sharpen your memory

Brain-Boosting Activities

 In recent years, there have been a few interesting developments that have taken place online which attempt to help people to increase the speed of their brain function. Many software developers have created apps that are Brain Boosting Activities and promise to make people smarter. However by using old fashion knowledge, then you’ll be interested to find in this article ways to use brain boosting activities that will also help sharpen your memory and increase your focus and attention

Challenge and Stimulate Your Mind with Games

Mind games have become pretty popular and mainstream in the last 10 years. If you’re interesting in improving your brain function then you might want to check out some of the offerings that have been popular over the years. Studies have shown that the brain can become sharper through the use of this type of training. It has been found to improve several areas of development including memory and global cognition.It has even been shown to slow the effect of cognitive impairment brought on by disease.

Get into Strategy Games

 Have you ever been interested in strategy games? There are a lot of different types of strategy games available for free online. These help you to give your reasoning and ability a good workout, which can help with all sort of problems solving. That’s because this requires you to come up with a successful and probable solution to an obstacle posed by an opponent. Plus, they are just  plain fun.

Here are 7 strategy games to get started with boosting your brain and help sharpen your memory.

  • Chess: King of games. …
  • Nine Men’s Morris: Mill’s the game.
  • Go: Made in Asia. …
  • Shogi: Japanese chess. …
  • ‘Connect Four’: The vertical board
  • Checkers: Jump and steal. ..
  • Tic-tac-toe: Circle or square? ..


Reading is great way to stimulate many areas of your brain.Scientists have been able to measure and track improvements in people who start to take time to read. These people seem to be able to develop complex social skills more quickly than people who read less. Reading a solidly descriptive book also engages your imagination so that you don’t need to be shown things in order to conceive of them. These days you can find books online at a reasonable price.

Get Exercise

 Over the course of a person’s life, the amount of exercise they do can play a role in how their brain develops. When scientists study the brains of athletes after performing, they found out that scans clearly expressed an increased connectivity in the frontal cortex of their brains. That part of the brain is how you are able to make plans for the future, make choices, and perform similar tasks each day.

Walking is an exercise that most people are able to do.

Outdoor walking allows you to clear your mind and gives your brain a boost through increasing oxygen levels as you walk.

Researchers in the US found that a simple walk in the park may provide brain boosting benefits. This was shown  by an increase in attention and working memory after the walk.

Walking boosts oxygen levels to your brain.


 Taking time to meditate is a great way to increase your IQ because it gives you a chance to actually organize your thoughts. If you spend a small amount of time putting things in a list to be considered for the day, you’ll find that you get more done, and are able to think more clearly.


Listening to good quality music has been used in the past number of years to help children with learning difficulties. Studies have shown by listening through headphones on a regular basis the music helps create new connections and neural pathways in the brain.

Researchers have discovered that the processing of musical pulse uses motor areas in the brain. This shows that music and movement are closely linked.

The areas of the brain, known to be associated with emotions, were also found to be involved in rhythm and tonal processing.

Such findings would support the use of music to stimulate and boost areas of our brains.


How to Sharpen Your Memory

 How well do you remember information that you encounter each day and also from the past. Memory is a massive part of how people see their lives, because however they remember events leaves a lasting impression on later events.  One thing that people seem to forget quite often is that the human brain is an amazing and trainable part of the body and you can through mental and physical exercise create new connections in your brain.This is possible even as you grow older and not just in young children. Can you imagine what it would be like if people had gyms for the brain? In the next few paragraphs you’ll see a few tips and ideas on how to sharpen your memory and help stimulate your brain to create new connections.


Eat a Balanced Breakfast

 Even though people are constantly saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a lot of people don’t take that seriously. Breakfast is the first thing that you eat in a day, so those nutrients are really important. When you eat breakfast the nutrients you absorb from the food you eat help to start all the metabolic functions in your body. If you skip this meal, you’re basically telling your body to try and function at full power without any fuel. Even if it’s a small snack, consider something easy to eat before you start.  An easy and healthy breakfast like a smoothie will boost your brain at the beginning of a busy day.

Pop all your fruit and veg in a processor and you are good to go!


 Drawing and painting

 Doing some form of art can increase your ability to hold information in your memory. Studies using art have discovered that the people in groups who made pictures of the things that they were supposed to remember had twice the success rate of the people who didn’t. That’s likely because they used multiple parts of their brain to recall and produce the information.


 Get More Sleep

 You might be a huge fan of staying up late and binge watching tv and all kinds of shows. Researchers have been warning people about the dangers of staying up  late and not getting enough sleep. Lack of quality sleep can lower your immune system, and damage your memory. Instead try going to bed early most days especially when you are working and save the late nights for the days you don’t have to get up early. Sleep is important to a number of brain functions, including how nerve cells communicate with each other. In fact, your brain and body stay extremely active while you sleep. Recent studies suggest that while you sleep various toxins are removed from your brain that gather while you are awake. Good quality sleep is most important for good brain function and also helping to sharpen your memory.

Deep breathing improves brain function.

 If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s you probably remember a lot of humor surrounding methods of dealing with stress. One of those mentioned would usually be deep breathing exercises, and it turns out that deep breathing is actually truly beneficial for your brain and function of your body and mind.This is because the blood that goes to your brain needs to be filled with oxygen and nutrients so that your brain can work at an optimal level. Researchers even say that 10 minutes of breathing exercise can make a substantial difference in your cognitive abilities and in turn improve your brain health.