The Dangers Of High Blood Pressure…symptoms and treatments.

High Blood pressure is often called the silent killer. Symptoms are often not obvious. Exercising and changing your diet are the first ways of starting to reduce your blood pressure.

The Dangers Of High Blood Pressure……symptoms and management.

High blood pressure is a condition in a person when the pressure  of the blood within your blood vessels is higher than normal.. There are several causes of this condition.The symptoms of high blood pressure may not be physically noticeable unless a person goes for a check up to their Doctor. High blood pressure is also known as the silent killer because of the subtlety of its symptoms.It often takes years for this condition to become obvious.



Possible Symptoms Of High Blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition in which a person’s heart rate is elevated compared to the normal blood pressure range of most people. This condition can be fatal in many people especially those who are not aware that they have this condition. The symptoms of high blood pressure are usually very vague and non specific.This is why the condition is often overlooked if the person does not have any idea that they might have high blood pressure.


Non Specific Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure


One of the vague possible symptoms of high blood pressure is a headache.Although there is little evidence that these are the specific symptoms of high blood pressure many people with high blood pressure often report these symptoms are especially when their heart rate accelerates. Being dizzy is also another of the more subtle symptoms of high blood pressure. Accompanying the dizziness is a feeling of nausea that does not happen often to the person who may have high blood pressure.

Yet another of the subtle or non specific types of symptoms of high blood pressure is blurry vision. This symptom is the one that may cause a person to panic since it is not actually a common thing to have. Some of these symptoms may prompt a person to see their doctor or have a check up.


Implications Of High Blood Pressure

There are several things that are affected by having high blood pressure. One of the first things affected by having this condition is the size of a person’s heart. Since high blood pressure means that the heart is working harder to pump the blood around the body it  tends to grow bigger than normal size. While it may seem ideal to have a larger heart, it also means that the tissues are expanded beyond what they are capable of. Eventually, the heart will wear out faster than a normal sized heart. This is due to the double effort it makes to meet the demands of the body of a person with high blood pressure.   

The arteries and other blood vessels may also suffer as a result of the high pressure. This condition speeds up the hardening of the arteries due to over exertion to bring the blood to the various parts of the body. Hardened arteries will be unable to keep up a steady flow of blood to vital organs which can lead to a stroke, heart attack and kidney failure among other things. People with high blood pressure run a high risk of dying from a stroke much more than those with normal blood pressure.


Treatment and Management of blood pressure.

Treating high blood pressure is very important and needs some lifestyle changes and may need the aid of medications. Limiting or eliminating fatty and greasy foods in one’s daily diet is one thing that needs to be done since these contribute to deposits in the arteries which make them narrower. Reducing sugar intake has been proven to reduce blood pressure significantly.

Stopping smoking can also help to control high blood pressure as well as the reduction of alcohol consumption.

Avoiding warm or hot places is also helpful for those with high blood pressure since extreme heat can accelerate the heart rate In its efforts to cool the body down. Staying too long in a hot tub or a heated pool can  be very dangerous for a person with high blood pressure.

Regular exercise has been proven to reduce blood pressure. At the very least a brisk 30min walk every day will soon start to help bring your blood pressure down.



It is best to have a yearly check of your physical health including your blood pressure.

In between visits to your Doctor it is a good idea to invest in your own blood pressure monitor so you keep a close check on your blood pressure yourself.