Risks To Brain Health

Common Risks to Your Brain Health

Brain health is a huge topic with lots of factors to consider. Issues of weight loss, heart disease and cancer are among the most researched and most deadly causes of early death in people, but for people who aren’t immediately in danger of those things, there are always possibilities of other factors becoming an issue. As people go through life, the choices they make can have lasting and unforeseen effects on your internal organs, and one of the few parts of the body that is completely necessary and grossly overlooked is the brain.

 How Medication can affect brain health

While people place their trust in medical professionals, humans are not infallible, and mistakes do happen. A large number of people who are on various types of medication have been found to have experienced some kind of negative effects from a reaction brought on by mixing medication that shouldn’t be taken together. It’s important to always do your research and know what you are taking instead of just accepting what you are told. A small mistake can have grave, life changing consequences and may affect your brain health


Brain Injury affects Brain Health

A lot of people live their life as if their mortality was just a far off dream. They forget that they take their lives into their hands whenever they do anything that puts them in line with a possible accident. Falling from 3 – 8 feet around your home and vehicular accidents account for a large number of brain injuries that people have sustained. Unfortunately, a large portion of these accidents leave people with a permanently damaged brain. When considering your brain healthremember to think safety in all your daily activities and make sure to wear protection on your head to protect your skull and brain.

 Isolation can cause brain deterioration

When people don’t have a healthy network of people around them, they’re more likely to give into to delusions. This is because they don’t have anyone to check themselves against. It also causes them to be more self focused, because they don’t concern themselves with the issues of others. Without engaging some of those centers of the mind, brain deterioration becomes a possibility.

A good social network is good for your brain health. Try joining groups, chatting to neighbours and getting involved in helping others with their problems.

This will help in improving your brain health and will even help to develop new connections in your brain.

 Lack Of Exercise and brain health

Being indoors can be great when it’s cold outside, but if you’re inside all the year round and not getting enough exercise, your body isn’t going to function well. It will become used to never needing to create energy. That  can cause lethargy, and the decreased blood flow in the body will decrease the blood flow to your brain. Getting out and moving around can help keep your mind feeling fresh and ready for work. A good daily habit to increase your brain health is to have a brisk 30 min walk at some point in each day.

Health Problems affecting brain health.

Many health conditions can affect your brain health and affect its daily function.

  • High Blood pressure can cause changes in your blood vessels that can lead to a stroke or small bleeds in your brain. This can also lead to some forms of dementia.
  • Depression can affect our brains by disrupting our daily functioning and many studies have even linked it to dementia
  • Diabetes causes damage to our blood vessels in our body, including our brain. This increases the risk for a stroke and heart attack; and increases our risk for Alzheimer’s disease

It’s very important to first of all take measures to prevent these diseases through exercise and good diet. If you need to don’t hesitate to seek treatment for these health problems. Prompt treatment can stop these conditions affecting your brain health.

Poor diet

Various studies have pointed very strongly to the fact that diet is linked to brain health.

The foods we eat can have a big impact on our brain health.

Our brains need  good energy producing foods These will act as fuel to help your brain function and maintain concentration throughout the day.

Your brain also needs certain nutrients to stay healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids, help build and repair your brain cells, and antioxidents reduce cellular stress and inflammation which are linked to brain aging and other neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Sleep problems.

Good sleep patterns are very important for your brain health.

After a sleepless night, you often feel very sluggish the next morning, and a new study suggests why: Your brain cells will feel sluggish too. When brain cells are tired, you might be more likely to forget and get easily distracted.

The study found that lack of sleep makes it difficult for our brain cells to communicate effectively, which then can affect your eyesight your memory and your overall mental function.

We can see from this study that lack of sleep can badly affect our brain health

Genetic factors

There may be some family genetic factors that affect our brain health.

However by taking all the other measures mentioned above including most importantly good diet and exercise and also Brain supplements specially designed to improve Brain health can greatly reduce our risks to our brain health and therefore increase our chances of living a long healthy life with good brain function.